Statis Smart Ring

Statis Ring's product offering centers around its wearable, the Statis Smart Ring. A suite of hardware and software applications that help both consumer and enterprise users share information, access doors, and make tap payments.


By wearing a smart ring as your business card, users report 80% less friction while networking at events or conferences. We find this leads to a better first impression and results in much higher social media interaction over regular business card solutions.



A touchless, fashion-forward way to access your home or car door. Statis Ring is the new generation of wearable access, with a simplified hardware portfolio that can be integrated with any access control system. End to end integration is available for both residential and commercial properties.



Riders can tap their Statis Ring to an NFC-enabled kiosk to pay for fair through closed loop payment application,.



Connect Statis Ring to your payment card and keep track of your day-to-day spending through our mobile app. Statis Ring is also partnering with payment processing companies to increase wearable POS usage for retailers outside of the Visa and Mastercard networks.





Polished and brushed ceramics 

Made from ceramics which are as hard as the tiles used on space shuttles, the Statis Ring has a scratch resistant surface, and a simple modern design. An elegant everyday choice that features a brushed central band and tapered edges. Ceramic is safe for those with metal allergies and is naturally strong.


Waterproof and scratch resistant

NFC mobile phones and NFC smart rings can exchange data within near distance, fulfilling very rich and magical functions. Statis Rings can be submerged to 2-5M underwater. A dual-core chip is installed inside each Statis ring, which is fully waterproof and scratch-resistant. 



The Statis Ring is a battery-free device and operates without a battery. Our product does not give off harmful electromagnetic frequencies.


The Statis Ring is crafted in durable black ceramic and polished for a brilliant shine. With a variety of vibrant colors, It’s an understated, super lightweight addition to your formal or casual attire. An elegant everyday choice that features a brushed central band and tapered edges.






Statis Rings are stylish and lightweight. You won't even notice you're wearing it.



Scratch resistant, heat resistant and fully waterproof. Statis Ring comes in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 4 - 13.



Smart rings have been named the most wearable wearable. Offering easier and more ergonomically correct methods of sharing information, opening doors and making contactless payments.