The Ultimate Wearable

Statis Ring is a wearable cloud platform that provides individuals and organizations with an ecosystem of contactless alternatives that pull together access control, contactless payments, and mobile connectivity.

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  • Access Key

    A touchless, fashion-forward way to access your home or car. Statis Ring is the new generation of access control, with a simplified hardware portfolio that can be integrated with any access system. End to end integration is available for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Smart Ring Networking

    By wearing a smart ring as your business card you can expect less friction while networking at events or conferences. Strengthen business relationships, share details easily, and keep track of your interactions.

  • Payment Method

    Connect Statis Ring to your payment card and monitor your day-to-day spending through our mobile app. Statis Ring is collaborating with payment processing companies and providers to increase wearable POS usage for retailers worldwide.

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