The Statis Ring connects to your mobile device, and is used when uploading your business card to a Statis profile. Sync your device with the ring, put it on, and share anything you want in instantly with the intentional gesture of holding your hand near the sweet spot of the recipient's mobile phone. ORDER NOW
Slide A NEW and contactless way to share your information! ORDER NOW Enjoy the benefits of wearable technology Slide ORDER NOW aLL-IN-1

Three reasons to try Statis Ring

Its convenient

Instantly transfer contact information to any NFC enabled device. Spend more time engaging in meaningful conversation.

Its contactless

The adoption of contactless technology has grown exponentially over recent years. Safely share your business cards by tapping your Statis Ring.

Its cost efficient

Say goodbye to expensive shipping fees and long waiting periods. The Statis platform gives you full control of all your business cards.

How it Works

Why We Are Different

Statis ring is a wearable integrated with our mobile networking application. The platform will serve as a gateway to IoT and individual social networks. Statis introduces you to people in real life and allows you to interact with mobile devices in real-time.

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

A cloud-based networking platform that uses NFC technology to link together mobile innovation, social media and fashion. The Statis mobile app lets you create a personal, secure, mobile profile with all your contact details ready to share. All conveniently stored in a unique wearable accessory.
Capture both sides of your business card with the camera of your mobile phone. Once uploaded, you can share business card, immediately allowing mobile options for saving contact information, or to follow on social media.
Statis app will give multiple filter suggestions to add flare to your business card. Once created, edits made are updated across all your devices.
The Statis platform makes it easier for people to network with one another by instantly exchanging user profiles or business contact information through NFC tap technology.
Quickly transfer contact details by tapping your ring on the back of an NFC enabled device. Share your business-related info with business professionals and keep your social media within your social circle.
  • Take photo of your
    business card

  • Edit and add
    card to profile

  • Manage your
    user profile

  • Manage your

Device Slider

Crafted With Solutions in Mind

Our key objective is to spread awareness on the social and environmental impact that people can make through their buying decision. As socially conscious millennials continue to enter the workforce and grow in their career, it’s important for them to know that they have eco-friendly alternatives. A simple decision of choosing digital business cards over printing paper cards can have a positive impact on the future of this planet and on millions of people all over the world.

1 K +
Business cards come from a single tree
1 B +
Business cards are printed each year
Of 100 Business cards are thrown out in less than week
Ring will make a difference

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