For Business

Statis Ring is the first wearable of its kind to directly address the outdated and ineffective wasteful world of using paper business cards to network and share information.

Identify and authenticate employees, service staff, or customers when they tap the access readers to allow access into the right facilities. 

Adjust business card information in real time with a wide selection of filters and templates.



Companies are using Statis Ring to bring wearable business cards to their sales leaders and staff to leave a lasting first impression with every customer. 


‘Connect New, Connect Now’

  • CRM Integration

    Grow your business by integrating Statis Ring with your back office CRM. Nurture and convert leads to close deals faster.

  • Business Card Dashboard

    Manage business card templates, track analytics, and get an in depth look at what metrics optimize employee performance.

  • Access Control Integration

    Customizable wearable access solutions for any size company or event. Use a smart ring for access badge or employee ID that scales with your needs.