About Us

We are Statis Ring. United as impact architects, diverse by expertise. We are engineers, mathematicians, data scientists, designers, and researchers who crave complex problems to radically pivot today, and realize a positive tomorrow, through impactful technology.

We are inspired to transform what our world can be. With hard science, serendipitous discovery, and breakthrough technology. The potential is unlimited and incredibly bright.


Statis Ring is on a mission to decrease greenhouse gas emissions associated with paper waste by combining today’s digital technology with the traditional art of exchanging business cards. We are driven by the art of networking and building authentic relationships in a modern, eco-conscious and impactful way. Our company’s eco-friendly mission is to revolutionize the need for printed business cards by bridging the gap between social interaction and mobile technology.


Our vision is to reduce paper business card production by offering a wearable alternative. By going paperless with Statis Ring, people contribute to environmental restoration by protecting forests and defending wilderness and biodiversity. It’s widely known that our planet is heating up from human activities and scientists agree that we humans are putting too much carbon in the atmosphere. There are many different ways we can all do our part to avoid the most severe consequences of climate change. Our daily choices will be the limiting factor in reducing emissions and providing our future generations with a sustainable world.