Access Control

At Statis Ring, we think access control works best when it's simple and secure. We put you in control and take the complexity out of security. Statis Ring is the next generation of access control with a simplified hardware portfolio that can be integrated with any access control system. We have maintained a sharp focus on creating a thoughtful system of products and services that equally delight, comfort, and overall improve your work environment.

Access control needs to be secure but flexible. It is common to have different access rights for different departments, for example in fabrication, production, development, and administration areas, which can often be multi-site buildings remote from each another. Temporary access for visitors can also be controlled efficiently with a variety of mobile options. 

Statis Ring brings you more security

  • Fast read and write data-on-card technology, experts in applying RFID integration in the most secure way.
  • Compatible with most common RFID technologies with the use of their specific security implication and encrypted data transmissions (HID, Mifare, Mifare plus, DESFir, DESFireEV1, Legic prime, Legic Advant, HID Iclass, SKIDATA, Picopass, T5577, Proxkey, Proxcard).
  • Compatible with leading physical security information management systems for creating comprehensive security solutions.
  • Reliable hardware due to extensive in-house R&D, in-house production and in-house quality management.


Statis Ring brings you more flexibility

  • A complete RFID access control portfolio, that can be integrated into virtually any access point and suits all vertical markets.
  • Open architecture and standardized encryptions allow for seamless integration with building management systems.
  • Future-proof scalability adapts easily to keep pace with evolving environments.
  • Market-driven developments deliver the RFID solutions you need most.


Statis Ring brings you more efficiency

  • Mechanical key management is costly, insecure, and a hassle. Upfront costs of replacing master keys, drilling out locks, and updating all affected users’ keys, plus indirect costs like maintenance team productivity could be substantial.
  • Cost-savings maintenance of door components.
  • Quick and easy hardware replacement when key fobs are lost.
  • Issue new keys that can be personalized with specific access rights in an instant.
  • The upfront investment is substantially less than with traditional wired access control solutions.
  • Statis Ring hardware is designed to cost-effectively meet international wireless technological standards.


Our Goal:

At Statis Ring, our goal is always to give our customer the products they need to meet and surpass the challenges they face as a workforce. Its why we go the extra mile to design and manufacture innovative solutions using the latest technologies in order to meet the requirements both now and in the future – in any market.