Today innovative and advanced technology gadgets are invented everyday offering consumers convenience, savings, and an experience. We have introduced Smart Ring technology for you to make things contactless and quicker in this futuristic society.

During Covid-20, The Buzz Conference offered the best and safest spaces for Real Estate Agents to connect with each other. Smart Rings are simply the best option for this purpose. Our press release with Buzz Conference allowed us to navigate many innovative ideas to people. It also helped us gain recognition in the real estate market.

The adoption of Smart Rings in the real estate industry gave a contactless networking solution to everyone! The rings attracted real estate agents because they found features and benefits that are very helpful in this tech-savvy world.

So, what makes these contactless rings beneficial? Business card data or social media accounts can be transferred in seconds with a single tap. People who understand the need and value of contactless networking would never lose the opportunity to network seamlessly.

Want to know more about the amazing features of Smart Rings? Let's find out!

Eco-friendly Tool:

You must be wondering how these rings are good for the environment. If we all start boycotting business cards and stop using paper products, we are essentially saving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Around 174 thousand tons of Carbon dioxide can be reduced as less use of paper products will improve the atmosphere and prevent contamination of the landfills.

Safe Contactless Way of Sharing Information:

What’s easier than just waving your hand under a suitable phone to share your digital business card instead or personally sharing information? Yes, you can quickly get rid of carrying many business cards along with you wherever you go. Rather, just a mobile phone will be sufficient.

Smart rings allow its users to share all their business card-related information with others without even making contact, which lessens the chance of spreading any virus, and one won't have to sanitize his hands often. Just upload your business card information, pair with the ring, and put your phone back in your pocket. Networking by using your hand as an extension of your mobile device feels great after a few tries!


Most of the business has faced crises and difficulties during the pandemic, but this doesn't mean there is no way to stand in the market. The smart ring will cost you around $79.99usd, which is quite budget-friendly compared to business card expenditure which ranges anywhere between $100 to thousands. Also, the most important thing about smart ring networking is that one doesn't have to pay for updating the business card as he/she can edit a virtual business card digitally with a few clicks from anywhere.

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