What a year 2023 has been!

As we gladly bid goodbye to a year that has been unsettling and traumatizing, there are so many questions we all have. How safe is it to go back to work?

Can we trust our workplaces enough in terms of enforcing safety measures?

How do we network going forward?

Handing out business cards has been a trusted ritual for decades, and it continues to thrive. From brand recognition to providing a call-to-action, business cards provide powerful advantages.

However, over the last several months, the World Health Organization (WHO) and several government websites have made it clear that it is possible for a person to get COVID-19 by touching an object or surface that has the virus and then touching their nose, eyes, or mouth.

What the world needs is a solution that will offer a safe, contactless, and convenient way of exchanging contact information.

Absolutely Contactless

With the Statis Ring, all you need to do to share your digital business card is to wave your hand under a compatible phone.

That’s it - a completely contactless and safe way of sharing your contact information. You don’t have to worry about sanitizing your hands every time you exchange business cards at a networking event. All you need to do is upload your business card to the Statis platform using your mobile device and share your details when required.

And when you need to look for a contact, you can easily search through the Statis Ring mobile app. Compare this to carrying around a bunch of business cards that you would have collected from various people at an event or on a business trip!

Good for the Environment

This pandemic has shown us the impact of the human race on planet earth. We have also seen how a few months of allowing the earth to breathe can bring about dramatic changes in terms of air and water quality.

We now have an opportunity to change the way we do business, network, and go about doing our work. It’s time to start looking for tools that will help us do things in a more environmentally friendly way.

If we all decided to go paperless and stopped using business cards, we could collectively reduce 174 thousand tons of CO2 in the environment, reduce deforestation, improve air quality, and prevent paper and plastic from reaching landfills!

Tough Times Call for Economy

The year has been rough for businesses of all sizes. Marketing budgets have been slashed and layoffs are the new normal. In this scenario, what companies need is a cost-effective way of building their brand and increasing awareness.

When compared to business cards, which can cost you anywhere between $100 a year to several thousands of dollars, the Statis Ring only costs $79.99usd. Also, you do not have to worry about the cost impact of making changes in your business card, because it’s really quite simple to update your virtual business card!

Choose the Statis Ring for a safe, eco-friendly, and economical way of building your individual brand and creating awareness about your business. 

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