Did somebody say business cards are dead?

No way! In this era of smartphones, tablets, and smart wearables, the world still prints about 27 billion business cards every day. That estimates to a little under 10 billion cards per year!

Handing out contact details is certainly an important aspect of running a business. Business cards help with brand recognition, provide a call-to-action, and make networking impactful.

Statistics say that for every 2000 cards that are handed out, there’s a 2.5% increase in sales. So, in spite of the fact that people throw away an estimated 8 billion cards, the rest continue to positively impact business performance!

You’re probably considering ways to reduce the ecological impact of so many business cards being printed every year. With a large percentage of these cards reaching landfills, it becomes critical to consider alternate ways of exchanging contact details.

The Statis Smart Ring offers a convenient, eco-friendly, and economical way of going paperless. Let’s explore how!

It’s Easy to Exchange, Store, and Find Contacts

Using the Statis Ring is extraordinarily simple. All you need to do is upload your business card to the Statis platform by taking a photo with your mobile device. Make your card available for transfer by syncing your profile with your Statis Ring. To share your card, just wave your hand under a compatible NFC phone.

The Statis platform also offers an easy method to store and search for contacts that you’ve received. This is so much more convenient than carrying business cards with you and having to store the important ones for later use.

It’s Economical

The cost of printing business cards for a company could range anywhere between $100 a year to several thousands of dollars, depending on how the cards are designed and what material is selected to print them with.

If something changes, such as a phone number or address, the process must be repeated over again which could take up valuable time.

Now, consider this - The Statis ring costs $79.99usd - a one-time investment that’s going to last several years. Updates to the digital business card are simple and there is absolutely no wastage involved.

It’s Easy on the Environment

If the whole world chose to go paperless in terms of their business cards, we could save 8 million trees annually! That’s a reduction of 174 thousand tons of CO2.

Every time we choose to go paperless, we have a positive impact on the environment. We prevent paper and plastic from reaching landfills, reduce deforestation, and help improve the quality of air we all breathe!

It Helps with Immediate Action

While a physical business card is a great branding opportunity, it’s quite difficult for the recipient to take action with a business card. Information needs to be transferred from the card to a mobile device for anything to be done with the information.

With the Statis, it’s simple for your recipient to reach you. Your details are immediately uploaded to a mobile device, and you can be contacted right away through multiple channels - email, social media, or a traditional phone call.

The Statis ring gives you a great option to reduce the ecological impact of your organization. It also makes tremendous business sense to go paperless using a Statis Ring, with ease-of-use, economy, and immediacy.

The goal of Statis Ring is to power business card networking for small and large organizations worldwide.

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