Smart Ring technology used to improve real estate networking in an environmentally friendly way.


QUOTE: “The biggest issue was myself and my team felt that assuming our clients wanted to accept anything physical like a business card or other documents was an unfair obligation to our clients. So we felt it was time to go digital! If I can share my contact information while keeping in style I’m all for it!”

Andrew Perrie is a Top Producing Realtor, in the Niagara Region, selling over $20m in the first Quarter of 2021. Andrew runs a brokerage office, a luxury real estate team, and is also a director with REVEL REALTY INC. Andrew brings the industry an entourage of innovative marketing ideas and video marketing strategies. With over 20k followers across his social media channels, Andrew is a visible social media presence, who is tirelessly promoting his real estate ventures online. Andrew offers Revel and his clients an avant-garde perspective on the future of real estate promotion in the Niagara Region, where he makes his family homestead on an orchard in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Driven by a strong business and marketing background, and always exuding youthful exuberance, Andrew is ready to take his real estate career to a premium level with specialty interests in Revel's luxury division. If you want your listing to meet every curious eye, give Andrew a call for massive listing exposure.


Technology and social media have advanced far beyond what was ever expected at the turn of the century especially in the real estate industry. Most realtors' business networks are established and maintained through LinkedIn, or similar social media outlets, so with these digital mediums, an obvious networking question arises: are paper business cards still relevant? Due to the urgency of excellent hygiene within and outside of the normal work environment, it's clear that Andrew needed to find a new solution. He brought on Statis Ring to solve this networking problem.


Andrew wanted something that was stylish, easy to use, and compatible with any cell phone product. With the Statis Ring, users can store business cards, social media profiles, and contact information on the smart ring's NFC tag. Then share, by simply waving the ring under a compatible device that would previously have required far more complex interaction. Statis Rings cloud based approach dynamically made sharing information a fully contactless process. The platform does all the work in keeping information safe and secure by encrypting all data. This solution has allowed Andrew to freely update or change the information on his smart ring whether it be his social media profile, website, or business card.


The direct benefit is the fact he doesn’t have to pass off paper business cards and then have a client manually type in his Instagram page. More importantly, it offers Andrew and his team a stylish way to communicate with their clients. A wearable that looks clean, luxurious, and really impressive. Andrew has implemented a daily habit of putting his Statis Ring beside his toothpaste. So every morning he puts the ring on after brushing his teeth. Andrew now proudly displays the Statis Ring in his social media profiles and his ability to share his information with his friends and clients in a clean, fast, and digital way. . As part of his daily networking activities, digital accessibility is now a core part of Andrew's outreach strategy. Statis Ring is an essential partner in this process, providing the technology and engineers that keep the platform running.


Andrew Perrie has made an ongoing commitment to sharing his social media profile using wearable technology, as both a personal and business imperative. Statis Ring’s customer support services ensure that someone will always have a watchful eye on the company's ESG targets and goals to help reduce his team's carbon footprint. Wearable technology is game-changing marketing that has disrupted and enhanced the modern business world of how to efficiently communicate with clients and prospects. With its tight relationship with the Internet of Things, Statis Ring has created a multipurpose smart ring to connect its user base through something we now lack on a day-to-day basis, physical social interaction. Statis Rings solution to Andrew's problem was comprehensive, removed the heavy lifting, and didn't add complexity to his current social outreach strategy, nor did it force his company to change its digital presence. Move away from ineffective and expensive business card costs and long shipping times with a trusted industry leader. Get started today with Statis Ring ( or if you’re ready to talk on one, we’d love to hear from you.

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