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A driving force IN YOUR BUSINESS

Small businesses to large corporations can include Statis Ring into their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

By choosing Statis, businesses help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, save our rainforests to support our future generations, and show their compassion for millions of people who are affected by the destructive effects of deforestation. Statis Ring was made to cut major costs on buying typical business cards and there’s no doubt that businesses can make the greatest impact on the global economy.

Keeping up with the latest technology trends is essential for those operating in corporate sales. The industry is extremely competitive & the needs of the modern consumer require a tailored approach.


Save on your printed marketing costs by avoiding traditional business card solutions.

Many printing companies are still pushing traditional business cards that require designing and long wait times. We will help you save on printing costs by recommending the most cost-effective smart ring solution for your company.

Real Estate

As a whole, real estate agents are early adopters of technology. From creating their own websites to comprehensive CRMs to VR, real estate agents realize the importance of being up-to-date with the latest and greatest. With the Statis Ring, real estate agents will never worry about searching for a business card or running out of stock. With one swipe under a prospect’s phone a digital card will pop up and agents can add a unique wow factor to each and every transaction. 


The hospitality industry has embraced digital technology to address employee and customer concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. The need for technology is requested more then ever by corporate head offices worldwide. Statis does more with less by offering smart ring identification and guest access control solutions. A contactless infrastructure creates a safe environment for both employees and guests.  


How many times have you attended an event and wished you had a couple more business cards on hand? Those days are long gone with Statis technologies that speed up the process and make connecting as simple as tapping your ring.  Wearables like Smart Rings have become great tools for networking at events. Because of the NFC (near field communication) technologies, data is on hand. Literally! 


As of now social media integration with wearable technology is limited to notifications through smartwatches. At Statis, we plan to break that trend and introduce a wearable that focuses more on in-person networking and social interaction.

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