Smart Home

Use a smart ring as your daily access key

We are at the leading edge of technology, so we don’t just support keycards and codes, but also allow users to unlock doors with their Statis Ring. Perfect for daily use and no need to worry about EMF transmissions as our products are batteryless. 

We help you from A to Z, at no extra cost

We will provide all the help you need to select the right hardware for every door you have. We guarantee a successful implementation and we’ll provide you with as much support as you require. Try us out now and request a free tailor-made design for your project, which comes with a fixed price and exactly all the access rings you will need. 

Works with best of breed hardware brands

Statis is hardware vendor-agnostic and works with best of breed and most other hardware brands. This means you are not locked into one brand and can choose the most cost-effective solution. You can also connect elevators, turnstiles, and cabinet locks to Statis Rings.

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