Seamlessly blending beauty and intelligence into a single, striking form perfect for daily use. The Statis Ring is lightweight, comfortable, and a modernized version of a common accessory. Combining RFID and NFC technology into a sleek, batteryless wearable, the Statis Ring was crafted with a fixed focus on form and function.

With your Statis Ring, you will get simple and easy instructions to set up your profile. 

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Made with high-performance zirconia ceramic for enhanced strength and durability.


Water-resistant outer shell and can be submerged up to 2-5 meters.


Structured design made for increased comfort and fit.


Scratch-proof material keeps the integrity of the ring and the ability to withstand abrasion without scratches.


Anti-microbial treatment for the inside layer to help keep Statis Ring clean.


Strategically shaped to be worn as a fashion accessory.



Includes: Cleansing wipes

Storage Capacity: 888bytes

Material: Zirconia Ceramic

Radio Range: 1.5cm

Frequency: NFC & RFID

Comfort & Care

* Cleansing wipes to sanitize

* Statis Ring is not for children under the age of 5

* We advise to remove and clean at least once per week

* Anti-microbial treatment tested in 6 step Q/A test


A New and Convenient Way to Share Your Business Card

The Statis Ring is fashion-forward, connects to your mobile device, and is used when uploading a business card to the Statis cloud platform.

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

  • Download the Statis Mobile app
  • Take a photo of your business card
  • Edit and store card to your profile
  • Sync your Statis Smart Ring
  • Tap to share


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