Business Card

Introducing the Wearable Business Card ​

A complete business card platform, engineered for growth

Embedded with dual-core NFC technology, trigger an “Add to Contacts” action of your contact details when tapped against a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone.

Statis represents the next generation of business cards with a simplified method of exchanging information using a smart ring. We have maintained a sharp focus on creating a thoughtful system of products and services that equally delight, comfort, and overall improve your networking experience. Statis has fully revolutionized the art of exchanging business cards and sets new standards in social security, comfort and cost-effectiveness.

A contactless way to share your business card

Suitable for any business

From Real Estate Agents to cars sales, to personal trainers, to social media influencers. We offer a complete business card solution for all your networking needs.

Get started in minutes

Create a card through the mobile app or take a snapshot of your current card and upload to your profile. Sync your ring and you're ready to go.


Enjoy the satisfaction and comfort of never reaching for your phone when sharing information again.

Optimize your network

Protect yourself from unwanted visitors and increase your networking opportunities by choosing what you want to share.

Statis cloud based business card management helps reduce clutter and keeps your information safe. Manage your cards conveniently.

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